Here is how

The Baltic Sea Project

funds Baltic Sea protection

Since 2014, the Bank of Åland has been running the Baltic Sea Project to fund projects that improve the state of the Baltic Sea. Funding is available in five different categories, and individuals, companies, school classes and research groups alike can apply for funding for their projects. Applicants do not need to be established names in their field.  What matters is that the applicant has an idea to make a meaningful impact on the health of the Baltic Sea.

The funding call is open! Before filling in your application, carefully review the sample application and make sure you have prepared a clear and concise answer to each question.

After the application period has closed, the jury decides which projects are financed and the size of the funding. The projects that will receive funding will be published in the spring.

The amount of Baltic Sea Project funding is based on the total deposits on the Bank of Åland’s Baltic Sea Accounts. Each year the Bank of Åland donates to environmental protection a sum equaling up to 0.2% of all deposits on Baltic Sea Accounts.

Application period 2022 has ended

Funding categories

Digital Innovations is the category for projects that promote a sustainable lifestyle, sustainable industry or a sustainable food market and thus aim…


In the category Concrete Kilograms, we are funding projects that have a clear measurable outcome. They could, for example, reduce phosphorus and…


Engagig Projects can have goals like attitude or behavior change, environmental education, information, communication or something similar. The…


The Local Water Protection Projects category requires that projects have a clear local focus. Projects must include elements of concrete water…


The category Children’s and Youth Projects is for Baltic Sea conservation projects done by children and youth themselves. This is the category for…


Funding recipients

In 2022 we gave out a total of €615k in funding.