The Åland Index

The Åland Index calculates the impact that your card purchases have on the climate based on the average carbon footprint for each category of industry. This means that it can tell whether you have been at the gas station or the florist, but it can’t connect transactions to individual products. This is because there is no climate data available at that level of detail, and also due to privacy concerns.

The index has been created from corporate data provided by Refinitiv and Sustainanalytics. The index shows your carbon footprint both in kilograms and in euros. The price of carbon dioxide used by the index comes from the EPA (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency) and it corresponds to the cost of emissions borne by society in medical expenses, infrastructure costs and so on. The price is 106 euros per tonne of carbon dioxide. These so-called externalities are already factored into the price.

  1. Your card is connected to The Åland Index
  2. The Åland Index estimates the environmental impact of your card purchases based on the category of the industry.
  3. You can see an estimate of your individual carbon footprint monthly at the online bank and at the mobile bank.
  4. Based on your carbon footprint, you can give back to nature by changing your behaviour or funding local or international environmental initiatives.
The Åland Index (the “Index”) is produced and compiled by Ålandsbanken Abp and validated by KPMG based on the underlying information (the “Underlying Information”) sourced from Refinitiv and Sustainalytics hereafter the “Suppliers”. While the ownership and all intellectual property rights to the Index are vested in Ålandsbanken Abp, ownership and all intellectual property rights to the Underlying Information are vested in the Suppliers.
Neither the Index nor any of the Underlying Information may be copied, reproduced, used, disseminated, modified nor published in any manner other than with the prior written consent of Ålandsbanken Abp and KPMG and the Suppliers. Neither the Index nor the Underlying Information shall be construed or in any way seen as an investment advice regarding a certain company or a certain industry.
The Index and the Underlying Information is presented “as is” and Ålandsbanken, KPMG and the Suppliers assume no responsibility for errors or omissions. Ålandsbanken, KPMG and the Suppliers do not accept any liability for damage arising from the use of the Index or the Underlying Information contained herein in any manner whatsoever.