Funding Call 2021

up to €500 000

This year the Bank of Åland will be funding projects for Baltic Sea conservation with up to €0.5 million.

The application period for the Baltic Sea Project 2021 has ended.


The Baltic Sea Project improves the state of Baltic Sea by funding good ideas and inspiring people into action

At the Bank of Åland, we want to set an example to other actors around the Baltic Sea and remind people that everybody can do their share to help the situation. Supporting environmental projects has been a part of the Bank of Åland’s activities since 1997. To date we have supported environmental work with €3.8 million.


What can I do

to help the Baltic Sea?

The Baltic Sea Card

The Baltic Sea Card is
the credit and debit card for
the enivironmentally conscious consumer.


Åland Index

The Åland Index calculates the environmental impact of your consuming habits based on your card usage.


Environmental tips

How to make choices that are better for the environment and help the Baltic Sea?
Take a look at our practical tips!


Funding recipients

In 2020 we gave out a total of €500k in funding.